Welcome to POPRS

An unincorporated association dedicated to preserving and facilitating a Remembrance Parade in Pelsall, year on year.


The POPRS Committee would like to thank the wonderful people of Pelsall, local organisations including those in varied uniforms of Scouts, Guides, Rainbows, Beavers and Cubs, the 3 Village Primary Schools and serving personnel past and present, for your support and presence at what was an immense turnout for at this year's 

Remembrance Day Parade and Service. 

We would also like to thank the COOP funeral care, MediPatrol, Jess Ellen, Pelsall Community Centre and Pelsall Village Centre for their assistance.

The POPRS Committee take immense pride in what we have achieved in our short time together, it is hard work, but
rewarding.  We have received many messages of thanks, which we all love to read and really appreciate, just seeing the throngs of people surrounding the parade route and War Memorial  is all the thanks we need.  


We have a number of pictures taken on the day which have been put together below.  With thanks to all the photographers.  

Thanks again, 

Alan, Garry, Laura, Steve, Ian and Dave

The POPRS Committee

Why are we here?


 In July 2016 Alan Dodsworth & Garry Perry were informed that due to a change in West Midlands Police Policy regarding the resourcing of road closures, together with Local Authority austerity measures,  the Remembrance March and Service in Pelsall (and 9 other Walsall Boroughs) were at severe risk of being assigned to the history books. Unless they can be independently organised and funded.



They were not going to allow this most revered service to disappear and took action.  Following consultations and a public meeting held on the 23rd November 2016,  they formed POPRS.  A formally constituted, unincorporated association dedicated to preserving and providing a March and an Act of Remembrance Service in Pelsall, year on year. 


They,  together with colleagues in the POPRS Committee and the incredible people of Pelsall, with their unerring and unceasing community spirit and passion for their village, this most sacrosanct of events in the national calendar will not just fade away, but be stronger and carry on this year and every year.

With your help and support.

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